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random life pic post

just some random pics i've had on my cell phone memory card for a while and decided to post. i guess i'm in a picture mood rather than a writing mood right now.

Little Rocky helping to do the dishes. Note the spots of dough in his fur.

Jinx and Zeri asleep on my parents' bed. I think he was likely there first and she joined him.

Little Rocky on his tuffet on the leather couch with his blanket and toy. It's hard to be a pug.

The clouds covering WSU campus and Moscow Mountain taken from my work parking lot on my way in one afternoon. Note no snow and it's December.

It's a really plushy job when the vacuum robot can sleep in front of the fire place in the living room.

Little Rocky helping with the dishes again. This time it was flour and it made him look ten years older than he normally does. His snout is black.

Me and Yukikuma with the desk in the background. My hands shake badly this time of year if I hold my arms out.

Who knew Yukikuma was a secret Hetalia fan??

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