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story update and personal rant

I found unsecure wireless I could jump on! YAY.
So I'm on my way to update "Least Expect" with the first kinda serious Miami chapter. I brought the DVDs along with me so I can take breaks while revising the novel and will try and update TDC as well. Okay, as long as this signal holds out. It makes me happy because now I'm not cut off.

The personal rant is short. I went to the airport to pick up my kid brother yesterday. The larger airport in the area: ie, the one that you can fly in and out of in the winter - the one with the control tower - is about an hour and a half away from us. It's not a bad drive and we make it a lot to go shopping as there really aren't any good stores in my hometown. And you can only spend so much time in Hastings. The managers know me on sight and almost by name.
So I'm at the airport waiting outside of security and there was my ex-boyfriend. I used to work for the TSA as a checkpoint screener here in Pullman as did he although after he got married (three months after he dumped me) he transfered up to Spokane. I knew there'd be a chance I'd see him one of these times when I've gone out of Spokane which I do fairly often as its the only way to get anywhere other than Seattle by plane. And I know for a fact he saw me. I'm just glad he didn't try to come over and say anything to me - I probably would've hit him and been arrested for assaulting a federal agent. Yeah, that actually happens if you touch TSA personnel.
It's just the kind of thing that ruins your day.
Oh well, I went home and watched CSI:Miami until I felt better. *grin*
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