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did not expect that

i knew my kid brother and his fiancee were arriving today. the fact that we hadn't heard anything from either of them isn't too unusual, they're both physics grad. students and busy (not to mention spacy at times) but mum finally got my brother's best friend to email him and found out that a) they were flying in at 2300 from the east coast and b) they had no clue how they were going to get from Spokane to here. mum was just going to go pick them up, but she has to be at work at 0900 today whereas i'm used to being up late, so i offered to drive up and get them. mum said she wasn't going to ask because i get headaches driving her car and the fiancee can't be in my car because of all the animal hair involved. i told mum i'd just deal with the headache as best i could and would go pick them up to save her the trouble of it.
there was snow on the ground when i woke up this morning.
luckily the roads were just wet going up at 2100 (it takes about an hour and a half one way to Spokane) but the fog was really bad in places, so i got up there right about 2250 and walked down and into the airport just as they were coming down the exit ramp from the gate area. i ask where they are planning to stay. my brother says that's an interesting question because the hotel they're staying at isn't expecting them until tomorrow night and has no night clerk on duty. *sighs* and then he tells his fiancee he's not sure what their bag looks like. i looked at him and said that one of them needed to learn how to plan and travel. he laughed and said "not it." he is very much my kid brother. we talked on the drive down about a lot of things, mainly his research and plans for the spring. his funding is in question so he's not sure what's going on there. my two favorite things we talked about though.
1) there's a secret cult in England whose founder was walking in Scotland and crossed the border into France one day. (yes, i did think Hetalia for a minute before the illogic of the statement caught up with me)
2) there are invisible men that follow us around all the time and never interact with us. are they really there or is someone making this up? (this was in reply to a conversation on religion)
we found them a hotel, i imagine they're both asleep at this point as they're on east coast time. i'm heading to bed as soon as i get some chapstick. i have to work in a few hours.

sorry i missed chat tonight. *hugs girls* i'll try and come on when i get home from work, but it depends on family.
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