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I fail as a human being

Or so my best friend would tell me. I have two "kids" my cat Nina and a little pug named Rocky. He lost his sister about a year ago very suddenly and, ever since, has been kinda depressed. Living here with my folks helps as they have a dog too but my father isn't always great about making sure the back gate is shut and the dogs get out. So I went out and bought a new collar and ID tag for little Rocky that's reflective and have been keeping an extra eye on the gate.
Rocky is an itchy pug so he's always scratching something and we have to watch to make sure he doesn't hurt himself doing it. Tonight he came up to my room and tilted his head just right that I was able to see what little neck he has. And anyone who knows pugs knows there isn't much neck on 'em. The collar had rubbed his neck raw in two places. It's bad enough that he's always itchy and we can't figure out a way to stop it but to know that something I did hurt him makes me fell like a horrible mother. I'm going to go research hypo-allergenic collars and see if I can find anything that won't do this again.

It's not the best picture I have of him but I think he's cute no matter what he's doing.
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