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personal writing challenge day 25

i finished another chapter. *does mild happy dance* i'd be more excited, but i'm sick again. i wrote 1,066 (huh, that looks vaguely familiar. was it 1066 or 1166 that Britain was invaded?) words for a total of 49,066. depending on how my day goes tomorrow, i might hit the 50,000 mark, but will manage it by Tuesday at the latest.
i'll stop posting daily updates on the 1st of December, but when i get the novel done and ready for revision, i'll post a word count total. i'll admit i'm going to be curious to see what the stats are on this one.
and i might have found a publishing house to ask about publishing. i have to do my homework and research, but i've read a couple of things they put out and it's close onto my style of writing. might be promising. as i always say, it never hurts to ask. right?
okay, maybe it does.  
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