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ro woke me up this morning and asked me to bring my computer to work. her Mac suddenly decided not to read her external hard drive, so her older sister said to try it on mine. that didn't work, we're going to try my PC tomorrow and hope that the Best Buy folks will be able to recover her data if the PC doesn't work. bottom line is, i have my computer at work and it is totally dead. that means i can work on x-mas fics and actually have a moderately productive day here rather than just reading the last book in Jim Butcher's other series. no matter how badly i want to know how it ends. *grins* i need to get these fics written.
the best part of the day is that LY isn't here. that means i don't have to deal with her or her idiot boyfriend until Saturday. that makes me happy. WB is here, but he's been moderately okay the past couple of weeks. i still don't trust him, but i can at least work with him.
i don't know why we don't have special holiday hours. this is just a waste of resources. not that i really mind. i'll take getting paid to write. *snickers*
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