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Novels vs. fanfiction

So I was totally expecting it when I sent the manuscript package off to the publishing house and am actually impressed at how quickly they turned it around. The form rejection notice bugged me a little but I know it just means I have to work more. And before anyone panics *grin* it wasn't the TDC novel. The one I sent off is about Lexxie Scott (gee, there's a familiar name) and her twin sister Tiffany Franks. (yeah, I know) Lex is a fire captain and the girls are in the fanfic pieces "Outside influences" on WWOMB if anyone is curious. I am still working on the series just slowly.
I found this Snoopy strip that just made me smile and I know it'll be true more often than not in my life for the next few years until I find the right niche for my work. (it's the top one - I couldn't find it to download from the internet)

And while trying to work out how exactly I want to tell a seven-year-old her brother is a killer in the TDC novel I wrote a quick PWP involving Horatio, Mac, mirrors, a video camera and a laptop. Hmmm, maybe I should've put a kink warning on it. *grin* It's posted on both CSI Forensics and WWOMB.
I do promise as soon as I have the novel revision done I'll update TDC on both pages.
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