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personal writing challenge day 8

it wasn't really a day off as i had to go to work for dealer training class for three hours this morning and then had PT, which just about killed me today, before i was able to sit down and start writing for the day. i wrote a total of 6683 words covering two chapters, for a grand total of 21,053 words for the challenge i set myself so far. *grins* and i have the sore fingers to prove it too. lol
i'd say it was 50/50 old to new today. i had to adjust a lot of stuff and end conversation and sections a little more gracefully than they were. one thing i did note that was interesting, ever since reading Stephen King's book, ON WRITING, my sentences have started changing shape. i'm not as scared to use shorter sentences now. i'm pretty sure his example, "plums defy" will stay with me forever as an example of a short sentence.
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