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My Larry moment

I'm in my (as my mother calls it) studio apartment aka my bedroom at my parents' house thinking about draconic talents for the novel as marauder_bex asked to know more about the talents which means digging out books and checking back through TDC to see what I've written already and coming up with new information. Then I picked up the Spongebob wrapping paper and went downstairs with a definite goal in mind. I got down there and turned to my father and asked why the hell I'd come downstairs. *sigh* I still have no clue why I went down there. It put me in mind of Larry on Numb3rs because one of my favorite lines of his is in the pilot.
"Charles, when we met was I going in or coming out?"
"Larry, you were coming out."
And he turns around and goes back into the building.

I just hope I wasn't going down there for an important reason. Oh well, back to talents.
Tags: fibro, novel, personal

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