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pics from the day

this is coming down highway 95 in the rain. i tried to get the clouds where there were three small magenta ones above the white and gray of the rain clouds, but the reflection is too much. it's kinda fun because the trees thin out to farm land the closer you get down to home.

the sunset off to the right of the highway. this is cattle country before you hit the farms around here. i just thought the colors were really cool.

and my halloween costume for this year. i couldn't find a wig to cosplay Suwabe and my mother packed away my Yukimura wig without realizing it, so i'm gonna be nekozawa from OHSHC. *grins* it'll give the ERHP some work other than cursing people at the casino. i just have to do my hair a little differently on Monday. now i kinda wish i was working that day.

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