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I finally broke down and got a paid account. It's the attack of the nekos until I can work out how to make my own header for the journal. *grins* the best part of it all, is more icons. luckily i store them and was able to go and grab my favorites easily. now i'm gonna search for a few new ones to add in here, like Horatio Caine as I don't seem to have any of my old ones for CSI: Miami, which is weird. And maybe a few new plot bunny ones as well.
and i was able to get the Tezuka tree perv icon. *Grins* that made me happy.

i'm still not better or feeling better by any stretch of the imagination. not even a hot bath helped out for that. *sighs* i do see a new type of doctor today and i just know it's gonna hurt while she's working on me, but i'm hoping it'll help in the long run. i'm seriously ready to try about anything.

now for cake. i think i have to invite L to join me. he looks a little suspicious. hee!
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