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i did nothing productive today

seriously. i can't even count going to work as productive.
this is day one of thirteen in a row at work. and it was dead. dead. dead. i was really happy i had books with me. i learned a lot about the Granada Sherlock Holmes series staring Jeremy Brett and then started one of Stephen King's books on writing. or on horror, rather, as i'm reading that one first. then i'll read his "On Writing" and see if it lives up to the opinions of my writing group. it's rather the holy grail when i go to the conference every year. so i'm curious.
i also downloaded the Prince of Tennis memorial best CDs (all 8 of them) and i swear it's like listening to an extended 100 song marathon. so far every song has been in the exact same order. to the point that i even know what's coming up next. it's kinda fun. =^.^=
more ideas for where stories are going, but no energy to sit and type. not to mention that there really is such a thing as cat nightmares or a kitty boogieman because Nina came out of her nest very abruptly last night with her tail four times it's normal size and looking like she'd just been shocked. and she only just went back to the nest. she's been insisting on sitting with me since i got home from work. i have no idea what got under her fur, but i'm just going with it.


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Sep. 2nd, 2011 03:25 am (UTC)
Poor Nina. I've never had a cat but several of my dogs have had nightmares. The last one would just snap awake and start looking around. He would then follow us around the house for almost an hour before he settled down again. It bothered me because you never know what it was. They can't exactly answer if you ask.
Sep. 2nd, 2011 06:53 am (UTC)
Re: Sy
oh, poor thing. animals are so remarkable. i can't imagine not having them around.
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