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*shudders* storms

There's something on fire out in the fields. I can smell wet wheat burning. And it's not a real pleasant smell either. We're completely surrounded by and being hammered with thunder storms. Okay, it probably seems worse that it is to me because i hate storms, but there seriously was lightning showing all around me while i was driving home. At least it only started a fire in a field rather than hitting someone's house or doing damage in town. With a field they'll just let it burn and keep it contained to that one area. i just wish the wind was blowing a different way. *snorts*

tomorrow is my one day off. then i'll be starting a countdown. i'm working either 13 or 14 days in a row, hence my being late to movie night for the next two weeks. i don't know when our new guy is going to be cleared for training or to work, i'm kinda hoping near the end of it all so i can get James a day off in there. he's not really happy about the schedule, but because of what i'm working, he didn't really complain. but i can tell. he's been in my department for four years now.

i think i'm just gonna go to bed. storms make me hurt and i'm sleepy.
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