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birthday post

my little boy turns eight today. that one is hard to believe because, after i lost his sister at age three, i was scared to death Rocky was going to die as well. i didn't relax until he turned four and was out of the danger zone. Jasmine would have been eight this year as well, they were six months apart with her older, her birthday was in March.

so here's Rocky in the picture the breeder sent me

and the day after he came home. he liked cushions on the love seat

and a couple of current pictures of him. he's a healthy pug and i suspect that he's gonna live to be around 13 years old or so. that's if he stops running off into the alley. *grumbles*

and we can't forget the other birthday boy. bet you all thought the post was just for him, huh? *grins* happy b-day to Masa too.

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