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A day with......day 24

 be woken up by younger brothers jumping on bed, yell at them, get yelled at by mother, get up, fix breakfast, get dressed, grab extra cakes, go to practice, eat first cake of the day, run laps, play match against niou and yagyuu, go to class, sneak cake halfway through math, eat lunch, sneak cake halfway through history, get caught by teacher, write essay on why food is a distraction, go to practice, find cakes in locker missing, yell at niou, find out that niou is really yagyuu, yell at yagyuu who is now really yagyuu, be assigned laps by sanada for acting crazy, fall asleep in middle of laps, be woken up by akaya and a hose, eat chocolate bar jackal has, play match against jackal, shower, go to arcade with jackal and akaya, go home, try to do homework, be distracted by brothers, make them dinner, get yelled at by mother who maintains that cake is not a proper dinner, finish homework, go to bed.
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