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A day with......day 21

be woken up by cell phone, tell akaya it's too early to go the arcade, get up, eat breakfast, meet marui to walk to practice, keep akaya away from vending machines, play match with marui against niou and yagyuu, take akaya to class, go to own class, help clean up mess after akaya's science experiment goes wrong, explain to yukimura why baby demon has green hair, run laps, eat lunch, try and nap, hunt down akaya for sanada, explain to yukimura why baby demon has blue and white hair, go to class, take aspirin, go to practice, keep tabs on akaya, take marui and akaya to the arcade, go home, eat, answer phone, explain to yukimura why you have no idea why akaya has red hair, go hide under bed, fall asleep.
Tags: a day with, prince of tennis

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