lexxiescott (lexxiescott) wrote,

A day with day 16

Thank heavens for my mobile. I can get on from here, at least. I just have to remember to take my charger home.

This one was inspired by my mood

Wake up, drag to practice, fall asleep under tree before practice begins, be carried to courts, sleep on bleachers, go to class, sleep through math and history, eat lunch, nap, sleep through science, wake up to ace all exams sprung by teachers who don't believe sleeping is proper, go to practice, sleep, hear Marui's name, wake up and run around like a crazy boy, fal asleep in locker room, wake up at home, call Atobe to thank him for ride, eat dinner, do homework, go to bed. Wonder why can't sleep. Call Atobe to talk. Finally fall back asleep.
Tags: a day with, prince of tennis

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