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A day with......day 15

 (i've made a ff.net account under my new RP name of hoihoineko and will be posting these along with my lesser rated stories. please let me know where i should change and/or add to the day withs before i post them over there)

ok, let's see how today works out. you guys love to challenge me, don't you?

wake up, get into limo, go to Atobe's house, help him prepare for the day, eat breakfast, go to school, attend practice, hunt down Jiroh for Atobe, play matches against non-regulars, shower, carry Atobe's things to class, go to class, meet team for lunch, hold umbrella for Atobe's nap, carry Atobe's things back to class, go to class, meet Atobe after school, go to meetings with Atobe, go to practice, hunt down Jiroh for Atobe, help with practice, help clean up, go back to Atobe's, play match against Atobe, do homework, eat, watch a movie while Atobe does school council work, get in limo, go home, go to bed.
Tags: a day with, prince of tennis

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