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A day with......day 10

i'm glad i didn't run into any of these at camp. i only love one viper. :)

wake up, stretch, do various training exercises, run, go to practice, fight with Momo, stretch, go to class, hiss at teacher, hide to eat lunch so no one will see the bento mom packed, work on serve against wall, hiss at first years, go to class, glare at teacher and students for staring, go to practice, fight with Momo, run, work at river with Inui-sempai, go to street courts, fight with Momo, hiss at Ryoma for saying mada mada dane, go home, stretch, eat dinner, do homework, talk with Inui-sempai on phone to change small parts of training regime, go to bed.
Tags: a day with, prince of tennis

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