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New TDC wallpapers

Okay, so Carol made these for me a while ago and I've been sitting on them because I didn't want to give away my new NYDC dragon and his human. But as I've just posted the new chapter with his Change in it I think it is past time for me to share these. And, yes, I know I'm evil.
Thanks Carol!!!



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Nov. 7th, 2007 05:31 pm (UTC)
Well you've done it. I swore I would finish my other projects before starting a new story and now your fabulous writing has a plot bunny nibbling at all my furniture demanding I write a dragon story of my own. But that's what I get from reading good fanfiction.
Nov. 7th, 2007 10:44 pm (UTC)
Re: Dragons
I'd love to read it when it's done. Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad you're enjoying my work. :)
Nov. 8th, 2007 01:05 am (UTC)
Re: Dragons
When it's done (if ever, god knows I'm slow at writing) You'll be one of the first to know. By the way I'm also addicted to your Horatio, Eric, Speed piece. Any news on an update for that?
Nov. 8th, 2007 03:16 am (UTC)
Re: Dragons
Sweet. :)
I'm working on updates for everything but I'm also revising a novel so things have slowed down a little. I'm hoping by the end of the week for H/S/E.
Nov. 8th, 2007 04:18 am (UTC)
Re: Dragons
Yay! (does the happy dance). By the way since we're on the subject and I need help. What would you think about Horatio having a son? Not like Kyle that he found through crime but one that he was raising on his own, while knowing about this dragon stuff.
Nov. 8th, 2007 04:42 am (UTC)
Re: Dragons
Go ahead and email me
and we can bounce a few ideas but I think that would be an interesting dynamic.
Nov. 7th, 2007 10:15 pm (UTC)
I said you were evil a while ago for holding back the wallpapers, but after seeing what you did to Mandy there..... poor girls in a world of trouble.

Click on this link to go to your TDC Gallery page :O)

Nov. 7th, 2007 10:48 pm (UTC)
I think we can just agree that I'm evil in general. *giggle*
My, you have been busy. Love the gallery you set up.
Oh, and I promise to write more about Mandy and the hunters soon.
Mar. 15th, 2009 05:48 am (UTC)
Dragons are so hot!!!
I have been reading your dragon series and now that i see the pictures I can honestly say I want to make my own Dragon fic. But sadly it will have to wait until I am done with my latest fanfic Plot. The plot bunny that bit me looked like a Pikachu and now the idea is CSI: Pokemon. Where the CSI's from all the cities are CSI/Pokemon trainers and the Tanglewood boys are Team Rocket. This is going to be a CSI: NY focus, and it will be slash but I am stuck with who to put Mac and Horatio with. -sigh- Any ideas?
But enough about me, your pics are excellent!!! I've never seen anything like it!!!
Mar. 15th, 2009 01:21 pm (UTC)
Re: Dragons are so hot!!!
I'm glad you're enjoying the dragon series. The pics aren't mine, I can't draw or work photoshop - most of the wallpapers on here are from fans who made and sent them to me. Carol J is the primary one. :)

I've never watched Pokemon. My younger cousin played the card game for a while, but it went right over my head. Now if it was Naruto....

If you want to do a dragon fic, I do have a couple of rules in play for the universe. But they're really easy. Could you email me woodlandpugs@yahoo.com and we can talk. Thanks. *grins*
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