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someone pour me into the onsen

my special package got here today from Japan. the dvd should have a warning label on it - danger, cute ahead. i about melted when i saw the back picture, almost did when i looked through the booklet and finally did when i realized that there was an autographed picture included.
*melts* Hiro.
i'll take a picture of everything when i get back into my room. i'm downstairs with the dogs trying to stay out of the contractor's way while he's working. but i don't know when i'll be taking these wrist bands off. i was thinking they would be the rubber ones like you see all over the states. nope, fuzzy workout ones. which i really need because my wrists, lower arms get cold easily.
ok, going back to trying to write. i can't start the dvd because it's movie night and once i start i won't want to stop and i don't want to miss talking with the girls tonight. but at the same time, ro canceled movie night tomorrow, so i'll probably watch it then. my folks are heading out of town tonight and will be gone a week, so i told ro that i needed her to come over here for our movie night because i can't leave the dogs alone for that long. she said she would just cancel it. *sighs*
oh well, now i have a date with Hiro. *bg*

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