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Just 42

Codeine is good but I refuse to take it until the pain level is so off the chart that a "normal" person would be in hospital knocked out. Yeah, my pain scale is warped. I was at that point last night when I got home from work, so I kinda got a good, if somewhat unusual night's sleep.

I think the contractors showed up before 0730 this morning, but they were quiet enough that I slept until my alarm went off. Kinda. I did hear them moving around and talking, but it wasn't enough to get me out of bed.
I love the drive down to Lewiston and Clarkston, as long as I'm not the one driving. :) it is pretty and, for once, I didn't get turned around or lost going to the doc's office. He did his usual full body check for skin cancers and other problems and set a record this time. He only had his assistant take off one mole. The doc hurt his hand so he can't do biopsies rigt now. but I've had the other guy work with me before, so that was cool. Now pain for a couple of days while this starts to heal up. And at least 2 weeks before the lab results come back. I'm not horribly worried, but there is always a chance for skin cancer with these.

Now for work. At least it's not a full shift. James is coming in early for me.
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