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There are days...

After thinking about things for a couple of days, and having some chats with folks online (you guys know who you are - thank you) I've decided that the problems aren't worth brooding over because you can't control the actions of others, only yourself. And, as I spend most of my time in my own little world I'm just going to put the pain aside and keep doing what I do and write. Yeah, I'm feeling better although I think I've gone through about half of the Halloween candy (all chocolate) and that might have something to do with it.
So over the next few days look for fanfiction updates on most if not all of my stories. And also some new ones too. I haven't been idle while I've been away from the computer, just not all that happy with what I've been creating. Although Flack with a large purple feather was too good to take out. *evil smirk* I'll leave it to your imaginations to come up with what that could be about. The story is called "Finding Sleep" and I should have it done tonight.

AND although I like to stay off the internet - not put up pictures of myself and all that, I have uploaded some of the pictures of my recent trip to London. I was going to put them in the journal but lj was/is acting up about these guys. So here's the link to the album. What can I say, it was a fun trip!!!

Thanks again, everyone.
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