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Takumi-kun 4

It's the only icon I have that has Mao-kun in it.
Just finished watching Takumi-kun 4 Pure and I promise no spoilers for those who haven't watched it yet. This movie was a first for me with the series as I didn't want to kick Gii where it hurts the most. And he is a crafty bastard, that one. I think it's a good thing he's so cute, otherwise someone likely would have killed him by now. I would have liked to see Gii and Takumi more, but that's the next movie - and based on the previews I'm going to want to kick Gii where it hurts the most several times.
However, Misu (BaRyoma) who was pretty high up in my estimation after the 3rd movie has fallen dramatically after this one, as I was expecting him to. I really would like to kick him where it hurts the most and then have a stern talk with his boyfriend. But that's just me. I'm not sure if he'll go back up in my estimation after the next movie or not, but as it stands right now I'm kinda pissy at him. Ok, fine, make that a lot pissy.

Mao-kun will be legal when the next movie comes out so I won't have to feel so guilty about wanting to see him and Dai-chan together. ;) And I do have to say that those two plus Takiyuki have really nice smiles.

Bed time. I really need to get rid of this headache.
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