lexxiescott (lexxiescott) wrote,

saa - more seiyuu dorkage

and the only reason i don't just put hiro is because, well, you'll see.
he actually manages to pull the look off. i don't think many men would be able to say that one.

see, my neko is an angel. kinda.

and, perky, remember what i said about hiro in a silver shirt? i totally take it back now.

ok, so i found some files that have data translations. not seeing any links, i don't know how accurate they are, but they're funny so i thought i'd share three.
suwabe http://j1m0ne.wikispaces.com/Suwabe+Junichi
MasaOno http://j1m0ne.wikispaces.com/Onosaka+Masaya
Hiroki http://j1m0ne.wikispaces.com/Takahashi+Hiroki

I have to say I died when I read Hiro's fetish. Seriously. Totally died.
Tags: hiro-kun, seiyuus

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