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CDs make me happy

I wish all my estimated month to be shipped CDs would ship this quick. I got a message from my Japan cd store that my massive Hiro-kun cd order has shipped. Monday is the earliest it will be here, with Thursday being the latest estimate. *bounces* cannot wait

I wanted to post a pic of the newest addition to my tenipuri family (I already had Ma-chan and DA~NE) SO now I have Kiku-chan and I want to dig out an old unnamed ginger stuffed cat to be Hiroki. ;) Kiku-chan is actually a boy kitty, if you listen really hard to the SDs when Hiro is crying, I think it's Naru who calls him Kiku-chan. I'll post a pic of everyone when I get home.
Tags: cds, hiro-kun, tenipuri

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