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Just ordered 13 - yes you read the number correctly - hiro-kun CDs. Some of them are his solo CDs and some are radio shows he did with Fuji's seiyuu. I listened to a couple of the audio samples for those. All I have to say is *headdesk* Those two are dorks. Oh, hey wait...... :-)

The downside is it'll take a month or so for them to get here. I can wait patiently though. Not like I don't have other things to watch. Started through Samurai 7 last night. There are three guys in there I would love to have around the casino. I don't want to spoil anything because Perky and I are going to watch it together once I have it uploaded, but let's just say they don't always have swords in their scabbards. *snickers*

But I wish I had a Hiro-kun to smile at me like he was smiling in the musical. *melts* So cute. But not able to carry off blond real well.
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