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Sad shape

The school system in this country should no longer be called a system. I propose we now call it an embarrassment. They are too focused on the hard sciences and computers and are letting other very important things slide by.

I cite as my example today; I asked a room with five people, two significantly older than me, Ro who is a year older than me, and two college kids if I was correct on saying that today is the anniversary for D-Day in Europe. To a person they all said, no, that's in December on the 7th. I pointed out that I wasn't talking about the attack on Pearl Harbour, but the allied invasion at Normandy. Not one of them knew the answer. Ro started talking about how she can always remember the attack on Pearl Harbour and totally changed the subject.

My dad fought in the second World War. So for all those who did, take a second to remember them today. And then think about all those who died. They deserve never to be forgotten.



Jun. 7th, 2011 03:48 pm (UTC)
One of my uncles was part of the Normandy Invasion; another landed at Anzio three days before that. The cost of American lives, and the lives of her allies, was unbelievable.

My Uncle Paul, who landed at Normandy, spent June 6th reminiscing. Any other day it was difficult to get him to talk about the invasion but on the 6th...He would tell us the good things that he saw; a mortar round that landed in a place where, if it had gone off, would have killed half his squad; the sharing of rations, or a sip from a flask that definitely didn't contain water. The Medics that scrambled around the battlefield ignoring the rounds flying around them as they attended to the wounded. They were the REAL heroes as far as my uncle was concerned.

It was an ugly battle...the losses on 'our' side were horrific. To have that marginalized is an insult to the memory of those men who laid down their lives to ensure freedom in Europe.

The education *system* is falling down on many fronts, and it will only get worse as Washington cuts even more funding for our schools.

*stomp, stomp* That was the sound of me stepping off my soap-box, sorry for the rant, sore subject.>:{

Yes lexi, I agree with you wholeheartedly.
Jun. 7th, 2011 08:19 pm (UTC)
I will say thank you to both your uncles. :) they deserve a resounding cheer along with everyone else who was there.

I talked to my dad this morning. He was still in sub school in California when the allies landed. He was in the pacific not europe and, fortunately, never saw a battle. He helped put some of the islands back together.

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