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Really cool

I downloaded a bunch of Hiro-kun mp3 files and have started listening to them today. The first one I picked was Bus Gamer. I'm sitting here reading and listening to it and was totally able to pick out Hiro-kun right away. But as I'm listening to it, I keep thinking that one of the other characters sounds like Suwabe. So I get on here - yes I am at work - and look it up on Wikipedia. Sure enough, Suwabe is one of the main characters. It's pretty cool, honestly. I'm into the cast talk now and am having to giggle because they keep talking about yakiniku. That's something that most of you will get ;). Love Hiro-kun's voice.
*melts onto onsen*. I can't wait until Wednesday to get to watch tenipuri festa 11.
Tags: hiro-kun, tenipuri festa 11

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