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happy b-day La Nina

My little girl turns 12 today. I asked her if she knew what that was in human years. *snickers* And, yeah, her name is pronounced like the weather system. It's Spanish.
This is her the day after she came home from Cabo San Lucas. It's a pic of a pic, so not real great.

We figure she was about three to four weeks old when mum found her in Cabo and brought her home. She bottle fed for 11 weeks and then went to deli shaved roast beef because she wouldn't eat kitten food. I said let her eat the cat food, but my mum said princesses should have the best food.
Here she is today. Not really happy to have her picture taken. And I didn't do my hair yet. ;)

I'm biased, but I think she's the most beautiful cat ever. For her birthday she gets a day with no little punk kitten lurking around the corner. I put Zeri outside.
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