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Icon challenge from ilh214

1. This one just always makes me think of Greggo when he was so wild back in the early seasons. I also use it when I want to make a point about something I'm saying.

2. This is actually a reversable sweatshirt from "dragon university" that I keep meaning to buy and just haven't had the money for. It seems appropriate as I write so much about dragons I'm always thinking about them.

3. I saw this and it just made me laugh. That's really the only reason.

4. Ah yes, that is my H/Mac gunporn icon. What can I say, I think they both are wicked hot with guns in their hands. And you guys can take that however you want. *evil smirk*

5. I spent months looking for a H/Mac icon for when I put in entries for the Least Expect universe. I think my parents wondered about the squee of joy when I found this one. I just love it.

6. After all my crime dramas I love Stargate SG-1 and this was one of my first icons I downloaded for livejournal. I can't make 'em. I use this when I'm unsure of something.

7. Sexy Gil + dirty mind = hot icon. I don't use this one much but it does come out for my I swear postings.
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