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Cheesy Lines fromPoT

Im hideously bored at work. At least the Internet is working and I can get onto ff.net and read some new pairings to kill time. Actually, I think if the physical manifestation of time showed up here I really would kill him.

So I had a though. Then I had a second one so the first didn't die of loneliness. I'm hoping to be able to make some decretive pins if I can find the right kit at the craft store. I might have to go to the bigger store in Spokane, but that's not a big deal. I've had eight ideas for slogans ( as opposed to fast guns) to use but would welcome ideas. I find tenipuri and tenimyu to lend themselves beautifully to silly lines.

Here are mine
1) SD fan girl
2) seigaku dork #1 fan girl
3) tenimyu-making dorks sexy
4) tarundoru
5) ouja rikkai rules the courts
6) ore-sama mou ecstasy
7) mada mada danya
8) II data
9) fsshhhnya
10) puri
11) piyo
12) tennis is my life. everything else can go away
12) Onsen is a state of mind
13) come to the gooey side: we have an onsen and hot men

Let me know if you have any other ideas or pics you might want and I'll do my best.
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