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convention day 1-ish

I suppose yesterday was technically day one because we were at the convention center for a spell to get our badges, but today was opening ceremonies (which we skipped) and the first official day of the convention. Ro and I had plans to go and hear some of the dubbing voice actors talk, but we decided since we watch more in Japanese than we do in English these days (we got sick of the bad pronunciation) we really didn't want to go and sit through the events.
On the train ride into the city today, there was a gal who taught school in Japan and she recognized both Ro and me in costume. We told her what we were doing and she said she figured her roommate hadn't told her about it for a reason. It was kinda cute. She had a friend with her and so we didn't get much of a chance to talk. We got up to the center and ate breakfast and then headed up to the dealer room.
They didn't have anything for Goseigers. I guess it's still too new for it to be here in the states yet. *pouts* I really want an Agri Landick jacket. I'll have to do some digging when I get home and see if I can find one somewhere. I got some lucky kitty stuff, a dragon and a few other things. Ro got her usual figurines. I keep threatening to buy her a shelf for Christmas she has so many of the damn things. We met a Tezuka in the dealer room and after Ro took a pic of him, I took one of them together.

I felt rather out-numbered, but when we were sitting and people watching a gal came up to us and asked if we were going to be playing the same characters tomorrow. I said we were and she's going to be Niou/Yagyuu. She has both wigs and will be changing them hourly. So I'm hoping to get some pics with her. I'll see if I can get her to change for two pics. *Grins*
We also went to the Space Needle and up to the top - because Ro has never been - and we actually did pics there too. But it won't let me put it up here. :( They're in the album, however.
Then we just went back and people-watched for a couple of hours. As we were leaving a guy chased us down and asked to take a picture with us. He looked so excited that we just couldn't say no. So there are Prince of Tennis fans here, but they aren't in costume. But it's also kinda fun because there aren't others in the same costumes. Like there are a ton of soul reapers running around. It's fun to be unique.
I'm in the process of putting up the pics from today on photobucket. I'll edit when they're up and give you a link. :) Be back with more tomorrow. It'll be pics and shopping. And we head home Sunday. Sadness.

Here's the link to the album on photobucket. Enjoy. I'll try and upload more tomorrow.


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Apr. 23rd, 2011 08:52 am (UTC)
Ah, there are my pictures! Yay!

That Tezuka is way too smiley! Cute though! :-)

Yay for PoT fans!! I hope you get the pics of Niou/Yagyuu, too. That is a clever idea she had!

Space Needle...yup, that is downtown Seattle all right!

I have to say, my favorites of the pics were the odd ones: The fish headed guy, the 8-bit character, the pixilated Vincent, and the Cup o'Soup! (Was it just me or was Protoman...enhanced? *snicker*)

Yayayay! More please! :-)
Apr. 23rd, 2011 04:26 pm (UTC)
We'll have more today. We're planning to just go and people watch. Like I said, our interest in the voice actors has dimmed as we learn how badly they mangle the names and words. But if something pops up that catches our attention, we'll probably check it out.
He is a little cutie. But yeah, way too smiley. But Ro points out that so was Kaidoh. She was pretty happy yesterday. She thinks she was still channeling Eiji.
Yeah, too true. We're out in SeaTac, so it's nice and *ignores airplane* quiet.
The fish-head was awesome. And really good natured too. I love the little ones who the parents have dressed up. A couple had their infant with them in a tiny soul reaper outfit. Ro was gone with the camera though. And for Protoman, Ro didn't notice anything about him until another friend of hers pointed it out.
Apr. 23rd, 2011 02:21 pm (UTC)
ehhh?! I think I've seen that Tezuka on Youtube. If I'm right hs username is RiccuVS. His videos are really funny and he usually makes Tezuka really OOC.

It seems like you guys are having fun. ^-^
Apr. 23rd, 2011 04:29 pm (UTC)
Just checked it out and it is him. Nice ID. *grins*
Yeah, it's a blast. It's always so nice to be around folks who understand you.
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