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made it in one piece

And not by lack of trying by the weather. The wind was so strong that it was making Ro's window vibrate and she had it rolled all the way up. There was snow in the pass - just falling, not sticking - but once we were on the other side, everything worked out perfectly. Actually sunny, for Seattle.
I only had a vague idea where the hotel was but, because it's an airport hotel, I knew that if we made it to the airport, we'd be able to find the hotel. And we did, after kinda bumbling into it. *grins* Ro has no faith in my sense of direction and, after London, I don't blame her, but we asked questions where needed and managed to find the nearest light rail station. It's only four blocks away and a half hour ride to the center where the convention is being held. Money was a major issue in the choice of hotels this year.
We went to pick up our badges today - a benefit of early registration - and there were people already in costume to just get them. They are die-hards. I think we saw probably five or six Tobi's from Naruto. I can't believe how popular he's become, mainly because he freaks me out so bad. Then we went into the International district and Uwajimaya and Samurai Noodle (ie ramen) for supper. Oh, that was good. And really filling too, although we're both into the snacks now that we're back in the room. Then we went into the bookstore and got a couple of magazines (mine has Hide-chan, Tezz, so I'll post pics when I'm home) and some learn Japanese books that had been recommended to me. An older gentleman was there and asked us where we were studying Japanese because our accents were excellent. That was really sweet of him. He lived in Japan a number of years ago and has just started studying again. We went into the manga section as well and I got a couple I just had to have (Black Butler and Rin-ne) and I'm hoping to find the New PoT in Japanese so I don't have to import it. Then it was back to the light rail station and back to the hotel. It was a really full day.
The madness starts tomorrow. Ro is in charge of pics, but I'll make sure to either grab or link when I update. The internet here is really slow so I don't know if they'll be up before we get home, but I do promise them. :)
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