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I meant to post this when we actually *watched* this movie, but didn't have it to get the cap from. I can understand the ship dudes, Elvis, (who I suspect is) Fuu Man Chuu, and Jason, but WHAT THE HELL is the brown umbrella like thing with only one eye and leg???? I mean, really??? And what are all of them doing on a ship to begin with? I love the randomness they throw into these things.

Also, just watched episode 18 of Goseiger. The fight in the TV studio was so bad I facepawed about ten times. I mean, really? The prompt guy writing on the prompt board, "please win" "look out behind you" and other messages for the baddy? sheesh. I didn't think it was possible for the crack to get worse, but it has. And the black dude with fangs who repeats things three times. I'm going to kill him if they don't do it soon.

Almost have a Goseiger piece done and an idea for another one. Maybe two. I'm not sure. But it's time to get ready for the convention. Got the registration issues out of the way, checking the hotel tomorrow and styling the wigs. Also seeing about making my "power wrists" because I can't imagine Yukimura in his tennis uniform without them. I think Ro's wig is gonna be the bitch to style. I'll try to put up pics when i have them done.
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