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The first of about four packages (mostly pre-orders) came today. Cheers! plus DVD - I got it just for the DVD - plus a stage play with Masa in it. The weird thing is, I can't rip the DVD of the PV/MVs to screencap. *pouts* I haven't watched the DVD stage play yet. I want to write first and then it'll be a treat for me. Also in the package were Local Boys, three Ouji DVDs for Ro, and Massu's new photobook. No man should be that cute in cat ears. Talk about wanting to take home and glomp - or is that glomp and take home?????? Maa ii, whichever works for me.

Now I'm waiting on High Jump live and Samurai 7 to get here. They're both somewhere in the system. Then I have another Masa DVD play ordered and I'm trying to get the Takumi-kun live theater play, but it's backordered so I might not get it. Oh, and I'm trying for KiraKira Masa and (I think) KenKen.

If not for wanting to write, I wouldn't know where to start. *BG*
Tags: dvds, masa, toshiki masuda

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