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Prince of Tennis dating game story

After 20 tries I finally managed to get Sanada's heart. At least I think that's how many times I played through his story on my game, it might have been more. He was the only Rikkai player (you can't get Jackal and Yukimura is still locked) I didn't have and I was hoping that getting him would unlock Yukimura. But there must be another trick to it.
Anyway. I'm going through the days and I just happened to talk to Akaya and Niou and picked up something about Sanada in the conversation with them. But I didn't think too much about it until the next day when I went to talk with Sanada and both Akaya and Niou are there talking to him about me. And how I feel about him. Okay, maybe lecture would be a better word for it, at least that's what their tone implied and then I got ten hearts from Sanada. TEN!!!
It gets better. In the afternoon of that day I went to talk with Sanada and found him talking with Yanagi about how he feels about me. Sanada spotted me and tried to run me off, saying we would talk later, but Yanagi called me back and made Sanada take me shopping with him. And I swear I heard a muttered ii data in there too. *snickers*
We went out on our first date - he wanted to go at 0600, but I talked him into 0900 - to the beach. I was thinking to myself that there was no way in hell that Sanada would come up with such a romantic location on his own and, all of a sudden, the whole team minus Marui and Yukimura appear and start giving Sanada advice. I almost died I was laughing so hard at that point. He and I left the team behind and went down the beach to some rocks/tide areas and were talking when there was a whispered "Akaya." He and Jackal had followed us and were hiding behind the rocks. Sanada took off running after them and Niou popped up to give me some more advice.
The second date was to the amusement park and I kept waiting for the team to pop up there too, but they didn't and the game ended fairly calmly - or as calmly as it can with Rikkai around. The only other thing of note that I can remember is the loser of the water game had to drink Inui sardine water and it was Jackal. I asked Sanada and he said. "Jackal ka? Tarundoru!"
I love this game.
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