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Prince of Tennis meme

This one is my own creation. Let me know what you think.

Make a list of fifteen characters from the Prince of Tennis anime. Don’t look at the questions until you have your list done. Then I think you know what to do after that point. These can also be used as story prompts.

1) Yukimura
2) Eiji
3) Niou
4) Akaya
5) Kenya
6) Yagyuu
7) Fuji
8) Yanagi
9) Sanada
10) Ryoma
11) Shiraishi
12) Atobe
13) Jackal
14) Marui
15) Tezuka

1) Number 2 (Eiji) and 14 (Marui) are playing a match against numbers 6 (Yagyuu) and 7 (Fuji). Who wins and what happens after the match is over?

I think that Yagyuu and Fuji would win, but not by a large margin because they are playing two very powerful
players in Eiji and Marui. But I mean, it's Fuji. Then they would all go out for a snack and talk about how to
get their teams to get along better.

2) Number 1 (Yukimura) is eating ice cream in the park when they run into number 15 (Tezuka). What happens next? They are seen by number 4 (Akaya). What rumors could be spread?

A conversation about books and tennis and Yukimura would remind Tezuka that Rikkai is more powerful
than Seigaku and offer to prove it in a tennis match, which Tezuka would turn down because he doesn't want
to set a bad example. Akaya would promptly call Jackal and Yanagi and tell them about the buchoutachi in
the park and then call Niou and that's when things would get out of hand.

3) Number 9 (Sanada) decides to change schools for a better tennis program. What school do they choose? Who is the first person they run into?

I don't think Sanada would change schools unless he thought that the program was better than Rikkai's, and
he is a little biased in that regard. However, that being said, he might be tempted by Hyotei and Atobe.

4) Number 11 (Shiraishi) is on a date with number 3 (Niou). Where do they go and what do they do?

The amusement park and have fun scaring people on the rides. Then Shiraishi would offer to teach Niou
how to play perfect tennis.

5) What is number 10 (Ryoma)’s secret kink? Who would they pick to share it with?

Bathtub sex. Tezuka buchou. That's from the anime, btw.

6) Number 5 (Kenya) is dating number 13 (Jackal), but they break up. 5 (Kenya) then hooks up with 8 (Yanagi), but things don’t go as smoothly as they should. What would 13 (Jackal) do to get 5 (Kenya) back in their life?

Jackal is such a sweetheart, he'd go out of his way to do anything that Kenya wanted. I don't know if Jackal
can cook, but he'd probably start there and with some flowers and convince Kenya that they should start
from scratch and work out their problems.

7) Number 12 (Atobe) has a secret power. What is it?

Really? That's what I get for not cheating. He's a mind-reader and he likes to use it when he's feeling
extremely bored at practice.

8) Numbers 1 (Yukimura)/8 (Yanagi)/10 (Ryoma)/13 (Jackal) are playing strip poker. Who wins and what happens after the game is over?

Yanagi would win because I think he'd be able to get data on everyone. Then Ryoma would go home in a huff
and the Rikkai players would have a sleepover with the rest of their team.

9) Numbers 2 (Eiji) and 15 (Tezuka) are in a relationship and decide they need some excitement in their lives so they ask number 5 (Kenya) to join them. Will they agree and how will number 9 (Sanada) react when they hear the news?

I think he would, if only to see what would happen. I mean it is Tezuka and Eiji, they're both pretty hot.

10) Number 3 (Niou) has a favorite food. What is it?

Flavored rice balls with secret paste in the middle so he never knows what it'll taste like when he bites
into one.

11) What is number 7 (Fuji)’s darkest secret?

He's not really a sadist.

12) Number 14 (Marui) is accused of cheating on their boyfriend. Will their team believe they’re innocent or think they’re guilty? Who would believe in their innocence?

Of course they will, especially since Yanagi will have all the likely data on every faucet of the relationship
available at a moment's notice. Atobe, on the other hand, would be out for blood.

13) What is number 6 (Yagyuu)’s favorite animal?

Panda bear. It reminds him of Niou in black.

14) Number 4 (Akaya) has a secret crush. Who is it? Will they ever confess? What would happen if they did?

Yukimura. No because he wants to crush his beloved buchou rather than date him. But I think if he did
confess, Yukimura would take him out on a date to be nice, even if he didn't return the feelings.
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