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PoT meme

snagged from pinkunsosakura who snagged from absolutehymn007
Pick 10 characters and answer the questions below. You can pick any characters you like, both boys and girls.

1) Yagyuu
2) Niou
3) Yukimura
4) Shiraishi
5) Sanada
6) Akaya
7) Eiji
8) Marui
9) Yanagi
10) Fuji

Part 1

What if...

1. Number 1 (Yagyuu) was really your mother?
Hoo boy. I don't think I'd get away with a lot anymore. Unless I pretended to be a Petenshi maybe.

2. Number 2 (Niou) was who you were going to marry?
*snickers* I'd be happy about it if only because he's loyal and strong and I'd get Yagyuu in the deal too. *rolls eyes* No, not like that. perverts. ;)

3. Number 3 (Yukimura) got turned into a frog?

Sanada would track down the fairy god-idiot that dared to mess with his beloved Yukimura buchou and deliver a bitch slap of doom. They'd have Yukimura back in no time after that.

4. You and Number 4 (Shiraishi) got drunk and made out?
I don't drink, so I have no idea. ;)

5. You and Number 5 (Sanada) woke up in the same bed and didn't remember how or why?
Just kill me now before he (or Yukimura) does it.

6. Number 6 (Akaya) moved to the other side of the world?
The world would never be the same.

7. You found out that Number 7 (Eiji) is a man?

He's not a cat? 0_0

8. You caught number 8 (Marui) in a polka-dotted thong?
Just the mental image burn me, precious. I'd go and throw cold water on Jackal and then look for Niou, because I'm sure it would be his fault.

9. Number 9 (Yanagi) confessed their love for you?
Awwwwww. I'd love to date Yanagi. :)

10. Number 10 (Fuji) kissed you?

Run like hell before I found out what sadistic plots he had in mind.

11. Number 1 (Yagyuu) just started sniffing you?

Tell him that perfume was rigged in my locker that morning and I thought Niou was behind it.

12. You found out that Number 2 (Niou) was doing drugs?
Tell Yukimura and Sanada. And then, to be really mean, Yagyuu too.

13. Number 3 (Yukimura) could fly?
He is the Kami no ko, after all. Who says he can't?

14. Number 4 (Shiraishi) was pregnant?
It's probably Yukimura's. 

15. Number 5 (Sanada) told you that they were never going to see you again?
Aww, sadness.

16. Number 6 (Akaya) ate your cookie?
Let him take it. I don't want to see devil mode in person, thank you very much. But I might slip and mention it to Yanagi at some point.

17. You and number 7 (Eiji) went to the zoo?

Actually did this on the second date in my game. *grins* I think I'd have to stop him from trying to jump in with some of the animals to play with them.

18. Number 8 (Marui) lied to you?

Depends on what it was about. If it was to get snacks or gum, forget it. ;)

19. Number 9 (Yanagi) turned into a coconut?
He'd probably still be gathering data. Who would suspect a coconut?

20. You and Number 10 (Fuji) were deserted on an island?
I think we'd be off of there in no time. He is a tensai after all.

Part 2

What would you do if...

1. Number 5 (Sanada) was stranded on the toilet because he/she was out of paper?
Send in Yanagi. I'm not getting that close to him when he's in a foul mood.

2. You came home one day and found Number 3 (Yukimura) and Number 7 (Eiji) in your house, both drunk out of their minds?
Let them sleep it off and then call Sanada and Tezuka to come and get them the next morning. 

3. Number 8 (Marui) offered to fix the plumbing problems with your house?
Probably not, especially as he'd probably try a tensai teki move and ruin everything. Yanagi maybe, but not Marui.

4. Number 2 (Niou) showed up at school as your substitute teacher for the day?
OMHG, I'd pretend to be sick and run like hell.

5. You accidentally saw Number 10 (Fuji) wearing nothing but a small purple speedo?
Actually......kidding, that's not in the game. They all wear swim trunks. Probably fall over laughing.

6. Number 3 (Yukimura) insisted on driving you around town to wherever you wanted to go for the entire day?

Why not? He has better fashion sense than I do and he could help me shop.

7. Number 9 (Yanagi) killed Number 4 (Shiraishi) right in front of you?

I know Yanagi is jealous, but really? I'd call the cops and then probably Yukimura. No one is immune to those big blue eyes after all, which might have been the problem in the first place.

Part 3

Would you allow...

1. Number 6 (Akaya) to redecorate your house for you, however they see fit?

Uh, no. Absolutely not. No negotiation or arguments about this one.

2. Number 1 (Yagyuu) to be your dentist and work in your mouth with a drill?.
Well, actually it is Yagyuu, but not without the proper training.

3. Number 10 (Fuji) and Number 5 (Sanada) to be left alone in your house or apartment unsupervised for an entire weekend?

No, if only because I'd be worried for Sanada's safety.

4. Number 8 (Marui) to borrow some of your clothes and wear them in public?
Yeah, if he likes black.

5. Number 2 (Niou) to try to fix your computer when it's messed up?


6. Number 4 (Shiraishi) to set you up on a date with Number 9 (Yanagi)?
Out of those two, I'd rather go out with Shiraishi, but sure, I'd go out with Yanagi. It'd be fun.

7. Number 1 (Yagyuu) and Number 3 (Yukimura) to operate heavy machinery together?
Yes, as long as they had someone else with them. I think Yukimura might try to go after the hospital.

Part 4

Relationship Section

1. Number 5 (Sanada) asks Number 2 (Niou) out on a date. Upon seeing this, what do you do or say?

Have you lost your mind, Sanada?

2. Number 7 (Eiji) asks you to a dance. Do you accept?
In a heartbeat.

3. Number 8 (Marui) and Number 9 (Yanagi) are fighting over you. What happens now?
I think I'd run away with Niou and leave them to it. Jackal would stop things soon enough anyway.

4. Number 1 (Yagyuu) tries to kiss you. What do you do?
Make sure he is who he says he is and then kiss him back.

5. Number 3 (Yukimura) confesses his secret love for Number 5 (Sanada). What do you think of this?
This seems to work for me. I think they'd be really happy together and not need any help with anything.

6. Number 6 (Akaya) is cheating on Number 7 (Eiji) with Number 3 (Yukimura), and you find out about it. What do you do?

Stay out of it. I'm not going up against the Kami no Ko and baby demon. I'll just take the neko for myself.

7. Number 4 (Shiraishi) proposes to you. Your reaction?

Depends on how long we've been dating. *grins*

Part 5

Random Nonsense

1. What in the name of Holy Rabbit Dogs was Number 1 (Yagyuu) doing outside in nothing but a small pink towel at 3 AM!?

 I'm sure it's all Niou's fault. It usually is in situations like this and Yagyuu can always get revenge later.

2. What if Number 2 (Niou) tied Number 4 (Shiraishi) to a flagpole and threw shoes at him/her until he/she cried?
Well, Niou doesn't like Shiraishi, so I can totally see this. :) I'd probably step in and stop it though. 

3. ...and then Number 8 (Marui) and Number 5 (Sanada) danced around the table naked. Your reaction upon seeing this?

0_0 SANADA????????????

4. Number 10 (Fuji) has just officially been given a Pyro License. What happens now?
He'll find Taka and learn BURNING!!!!!

5. Would you tell Number 9 (Yanagi) to "WOO! TAKE IT ALL OFF!"...?

Uhm, no. Tempting, but no.

6. What was Number 6 (Akaya) in prison for?

 Where's the list?

7. What if, suddenly, Number 4 (Shiraishi) smashed through the wall of your room totally naked, posed, and shouted "OHHHH YEEEEAAAAH!"...?
ROTFLMAO at the mental image. Merlin, it's going to take a minute for me to calm down now.

Part 6

What would you do if...

1. Number 1 (Yagyuu) woke you up in the middle of the night?
Toss him the key to the spare room and tell him we can talk in the morning over tea, and then he can go and make up with Niou. I'm never really happy when you wake me up.

2. Number 2 (Niou) got sent to jail?
Bail him out and lecture him when we got home, and then send him to Sanada for laps and a bitch slap of doom.

3. Number 3 (Yukimura) walked into the bathroom while you're showering? 

Tell him not to use all of my hair gel again.

4. Number 4(Shiraishi) announced he/she's going to marry Number 9 (Yanagi) tomorrow?

Wonder what the hell happened with his relationship with Yukimura.

5. Number 5 (Sanada) cooked you dinner?
Be able to eat without fear of any of my allergies acting up because he'd be cautious enough to find them out in advance and plan properly.

6. Number 6 (Akaya) was lying next to you on the beach, sleeping?

 Okay, I have mental image from that chibi episode in my mind now of Akaya on the beach chair with the drink and sunglasses. I'd make sure he had on enough sunscreen and let him be.

7. Number 7 (Eiji) suddenly confessed to be part of your family?

My mom won't let me keep another cat. :(

8. Number 8 (Marui) was in the hospital?
Time to smuggle in cake and bubble gum.

9. Number 9 (Yanagi) made fun of your friends?
I'd be more worried about what data he had on them than him making fun of them. Besides, we make enough fun of ourselves that it doesn't really matter anymore.

10. Number 10 (Fuji) ignored you all the time?
That might actually be a good thing.

Part 7

1. Two serial killers are hunting you down. What will Number 1 (Yagyuu) do?

Help me hide and then call the police.

2. You're on a vacation with Number 2 (Niou) and manage to break your leg. What does Number 2 (Niou) do?

Help me to the nearest safe place to sit and call for help.

3. It's your birthday. What will Number 3 (Yukimura) give you?

Flowers from his garden.

4. You're stuck in a house that's on fire. What does Number 4 (Shiraishi) do?
Is he in the house too? We'd find a safe way out if that's the case, otherwise call for help and let them know I'm inside the house.

5. You're about to do something that'll make you feel extremely embarrassed. What will Number 5 (Sanada) do?
Tell me it's good for me, embarrassment is for losers and slap me if I refuse. And probably have me run laps to build character too. I mean, come on, it's Sanada.

6. Number 6 (Akaya) appears to be a player, breaking many hearts. What do you do?

Let his babysitters know.

7. You got dumped by someone. How will Number 7 (Eiji) cheer you up?
All it would take is one nya and I'd be smiling. I love the little neko. But he'd probably take me out for the night too.

8. Number 8 (Marui) thinks he/she will never get a girl/boyfriend. What will you tell them?

Tell him to call Jiroh.

9. You compete in a tournament. How does Number 9 (Yanagi) support you?
With as much data as I need.

10. You can't stop laughing. What will Number 10 (Fuji) do?

Open his eyes and glare at me.

11. Number 1 (Yagyuu) is all you've ever dreamed of. Why?
He's such a gentleman and he can put up with so much.

12. What is Number 2 (Niou)'s ultimate fantasy?
It involves Yukimura, chocolate sauce, leather cuffs, a few toys and a bed. That's all I'm allowed to say.

13. You're dating Number 3 (Yukimura) and they introduce you to their parents. Would you get along?

Yeah, I think so.

14. Is Number 4 (Shiraishi) gay?
Totally, and going after Yukimura. *grins*

15. Who is Number 5 (Sanada)'s favorite person on your Top 10 list?

Yukimura. Followed by Yanagi. But definitely Yukimura.

16. Who on the Top 10 list loves Number 6 (Akaya) the most?
Marui. He treats him like a little brother

17. You had a haircut and Number 7 (Eiji) can't stop looking at you. What goes on in your mind?

ha, it worked. ;)

18. Why would Number 8 (Marui) get fired from his/her job?
Chewing gum all the time

19. Number 9 (Yanagi) is too shy to face you and confesses their love by sending an email. Now what?
Leave a data notebook in his locker with my phone number in it along with some chocolate and a flower.

20. If Number 10 (Fuji) could only do one more thing before he/she died, what would it be?

What's the rating on this one?? Yuuta.

Part 8

What if...

1. Number 1 (Yagyuu) asked you to marry them?
Accept. He'd make a good husband and might even let me stay home and keep house and write while he worked.

2. You had to throw a party for Number 2 (Niou)?
Get advice from Yagyuu.

3. Number 3 (Yukimura) asked you to help them find a job?
I'd totally be willing to be a reference for Yukimura. I'd tell him to focus on greenhouses and places with growing things, if not tennis. I don't know how good of a personal coach he would be at a clubhouse.

4. Number 4 (Shiraishi) decided that he/she was going to live with you?
As long as he cleans up around the place and pays have the bills, sure.

5. Number 5 (Sanada) snuck in your bed in the middle of the night?
0_0 SANADA?????????

6. Number 6 (Akaya) noticed he/she wasn't invited to your birthday?
Oops, my bad. He can totally come. If only to help keep Marui away from the cake.

7. Number 7 (Eiji) won the lottery?
All the tennis shoes and toothpaste he could want. What a happy neko.

8. Number 8 (Marui) had quite a big secret?
Let him ramble about it and tune him out.

9. Number 9 (Yanagi) became a singer?
I can't see it. Maybe a manager for a singer.

10. Number 10 (Fuji) had a daughter?

She'd be sweet and sadistic just like her dad. And probably look just like him too.

Part 9

1. What does/would Number 1 (Yagyuu) think of 2 (Niou)?
CENSORED. We don't want to know. *snickers*

2. Why might Number 2 (Niou) disagree with Number 3 (Yukimura)?
Mou, buchou, that many laps is impossible even for us. You are trying to kill us, aren't you? We tried to win, we really did, but they were just stronger than us and, fine, I'll go run laps now. But it's not healthy.

3. How would Number 3 (Yukimura) greet Number 4 (Shiraishi)?

CENSORED! NC-17 rating alert.

4. What would Number 4 (Shiraishi) envy about Number 5 (Sanada)?
His close relationship with Yukimura.

5. What dream would Number 5 (Sanada) have about Number 6 (Akaya)?
Akaya is now buchou for Rikkai. Wait, did you say dream or nightmare?

6. What do Number 6 (Akaya) and Number 7 (Eiji) have in common?

They're both underestimated on the tennis courts.

7. What would make Number 7 (Eiji) angry at Number 8 (Marui)?
Huh, he ate the last of the sushi at a double team party.

8. Where would Number 8 (Marui) meet Number 9 (Yanagi)?

Daily at tennis practice.

9. What would Number 9 (Yanagi) never dare to tell Number 10 (Fuji)?
You know, Yukimura is far more sadistic and talented than you will ever be.

10. What would make Number 10 (Fuji) scared of Number 1 (Yagyuu)?

Never knowing if it was actually Yagyuu he was talking to, or Niou.

Part 10

1. You're about to marry Number 10 (Fuji). What's Number 1 (Yagyuu)'s reaction?
He'd try and talk me out of it. Fuji is sweet but deadly at the same time. Not to mention head over heels for Tezuka.

2. Number 2 (Niou) tells you about his deeply hidden love for Number 9 (Yanagi).

Tell him to kiss him and get it over with because Yanagi probably feels the same way.

3. Number 4 (Shiraishi) also loves Number 9 (Yanagi). What does that mean?

Data is sexier than we think it is.

4. Will Number 5 (Sanada) and 6 (Akaya) ever kiss?

Probably. He does have a soft spot for the seaweed head, after all.

5. You spot Number 10 (Fuji) kissing Number 1 (Yagyuu). How do you react?
Run while thinking that Niou looks good in a wig.

6. You notice that Number 3 (Yukimura) and Number 4 (Shiraishi) have been inside that hotel room for MORE then a few hours. What are you thinking?
*sighs* To be a fly on that wall.

7. Could Number 1 (Yagyuu) and Number 6 (Akaya) be soul mates?
Nah. But he does like using him for an armrest in the musicals. ;)

8. Would Number 2 (Niou) trust Number 5 (Sanada)?
does and Eiji nya? Of course he does. Doesn't mean that he likes him all the time though.

9. Number 4 (Shiraishi) is bored and pokes Number 10 (Fuji). What happens after that?

A rematch from the National semi-finals, which Shiraishi wins, of course.

10. Number 5 (Sanada) and Number 1 (Yagyuu) are forced to go back to school together. What study will they pick?
Tennis coaching and medicine, respectively. 

11. Number 7 (Eiji) and Number 9 (Yanagi) apply for a job. What job?
Tennis shoe tester and data master. If you mean the same job, something inbetween like teaching.

12. Number 8 (Marui) gives Number 5 (Sanada) a haircut. Is that okay?
He wears a hat all the time, so who would be able to tell. But anything has to beat the haircut he has in 9th grade. His 8th grade cut was so much cuter.

13. Number 9 (Yanagi) sketches what Number 6 (Akaya)'s perfect mate should look like; will Number 6 (Akaya) be happy?

 Does that look like Sanada fukubuchou to you?

14. Number 2 (Niou) sent a message to their bf/gf but 9 (Yanagi) got it. What would happen?
He'd call Niou to let him know what happened and, while he appreciated the visuals, he would appreciate it if he didn't have to know the details about what Yukimura planned to do that night.

15. Number 5 (Sanada) and Number 6 (Akaya) did a workout together?

Poor Akaya. He'd pass out before Sanada was finished with him.

16. Number 1 (Yagyuu) accidentally kicked Number 10 (Fuji)?
I don't think it was an accident. Yagyuu doesn't like to see Niou unhappy.

17. If Number 6 (Akaya) and Number 3 (Yukimura) cooked dinner what would they make?
Something easy for a cooking lesson for Akaya.

18. Number 10 (Fuji) and Number 9 (Yanagi) are blushing while they talk. What is their conversation about?

All the data Yanagi is giving him to get a proper hold of Tezuka and what to do with him after that.

19. What might Number 1 (Yagyuu) and Number 3 (Yukimura) be doing together 10 years in the future?

In business together with a tennis club. Yagyuu would run the club, Sanada would teach the students, Marui would be the cook, Yukimura would landscape it, Akaya would help Sanada, Jackal would keep an eye on Akaya and the other kids and Niou would be the bartender. Huh, I left out Yanagi. He would be the one to keep the club records. Yeah, I know it just wanted two, but I can't break up the team.
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