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So I got this review on my CSI Forensics page. As you all know I'm working my way through a series where Horatio and Mac play out their favorite fantasies. But I have to admit I was rather puzzled when I read the following review.

//im commenting and i havn't even read it the synopsis gave me a feeling that it was strictly slashed and im sure its a very good fanfiction but they gross me out too much and i only read the CSI vegas ones because that is my favourite//

I saw it and read it through a couple of times and thought and thought about what my answer should be. I even read this to Ro and she was as puzzled as I was. But I always try to be polite and courtious when I answer my reviews so I gave the following reply.

//Author's Response: I'm sorry slash bothers you so much and hope you find some good Vegas fics to enjoy.//

What I can't figure out is that this story is very obviously slash. The only characters listed are Horatio and Mac. Why even click on the link to view it, let alone review? It just doesn't make any sense to me. I did come across a flame review on another author's fanfic and am just waiting for one of those to show up on mine. I love toasted marshmallows. *evil grin*
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