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30 days of Prince of Tennis - Day 5

A character that you thought had an interesting 40.5 profile

I really am going to be biased here because, though I own the book, I'm still in the very early stages of learning Japanese and can manage only hirigana and a few katakana and kanji. So I can't actually speak to the profiles for anyone other than Rikkai and that's because I've seen them translated here online. Soooooo.


Niou Masaharu
"Where are you looking?"

Rikkaidai Fuzoku Middle School: Year 3, Class B, Number 14
Birthday (Sign): December 4th (Sagittarius)
Blood type: AB
Techniques: Illusion

Committee: N/A
Worst Subject: Music
Often visited place in school: Rooftop
Elementary School: Unknown (most likely somewhere south)
Uses allowance on: Secret
Favorite Motto: "When the dark, white horse moves forward and forward, it goes back."
Favorite types of movies: "8 1/2"
Favorite type of books: "Imposter's Paradise"
Favorite type of music: Jazz
Favorite date spot: Beach
Most wanted thing right now: Screws and a screwdriver (the reason why is unknown)
Daily Routine: Reviews his classwork in preparation of a lesson
Doesn't like/bad at doing: Heat
Special skill aside from tennis: Target practice, shooting games

I want to know why he wants screws and a screwdriver. *Grins*
Okay, I'll admit I saw a couple Seigaku ones as well. I hope no one gives Taka that knife he wants. Can't you just picture that one? BURNING!!!!!!
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