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30 days of Prince of Tennis - Day 4

A team and/or character that deserved more screen time

Jiroh. I love the little narcoleptic. Especially when he's fan-boying over Marui. When Ro and I were watching the anime for the first time I told her that I just love Jiroh. She watched him drag out onto the court for his match against Fuji and stand there half asleep. Ro looked over at me like I was totally crazy of something and I just pointed back at the screen as Fuji hit his disappearing serve. Jiroh, of course, woke up and started bouncing around like a loon. She fell in love with him too. So I totally think he should have been around more, especially when Marui was playing because then I would have gotten to see him fan-boy more. I actually keep waiting for Gakuto or one of the others to slap him.

And I stayed up just to be able to do this. *kidding* I had to finish the first chapter of that new story I started. And I'm looking for a Masa download that I can't find anywhere. *frustrated* But am going to be now.
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