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Dream Live 1st

This is the musical Ro and I watched tonight. We both spent so much time squeeing that we have sore throats now. *Grins* It was, by far, the tamest Dream live I've seen and dragged in a couple of places, but there were others that just made us laugh. We both agree that the first gen Momo and Kaidoh are our favorites for those characters. Her favorite Ryoma, at this point, is Kimeru but I know he'll fall to second when Dori-kun takes over the role because she adores him. I think that Ryuuki is my favorite for Ryoma, followed by Dori-kun and then Kimeru. Overall, though, my favorite Seigaku cast is the third generation, with the exception of Tezuka. Dai-chan is just perfect for that role. Followed by BaRyoma for me.
It's kind of sad that, as much as I hate Atobe, I really do love the actor who played him in Final Match second and DL7. He's in another musical I downloaded and just does an awesome job there as well. *whispers* Peanut. I really need to find some other shows with Wada-kun in them. Hell with it, any of the Rikkai guys actually. Which reminds me, I've got to go check for the release date for Takumi-kun 4 Pure. I think it's coming up in the spring. Really can't wait for that one. I just hope I'm not going to want to kick BaRyoma where it hurts the most. (in the knee)
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