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Dream Live 1st

This is the musical Ro and I watched tonight. We both spent so much time squeeing that we have sore throats now. *Grins* It was, by far, the tamest Dream live I've seen and dragged in a couple of places, but there were others that just made us laugh. We both agree that the first gen Momo and Kaidoh are our favorites for those characters. Her favorite Ryoma, at this point, is Kimeru but I know he'll fall to second when Dori-kun takes over the role because she adores him. I think that Ryuuki is my favorite for Ryoma, followed by Dori-kun and then Kimeru. Overall, though, my favorite Seigaku cast is the third generation, with the exception of Tezuka. Dai-chan is just perfect for that role. Followed by BaRyoma for me.
It's kind of sad that, as much as I hate Atobe, I really do love the actor who played him in Final Match second and DL7. He's in another musical I downloaded and just does an awesome job there as well. *whispers* Peanut. I really need to find some other shows with Wada-kun in them. Hell with it, any of the Rikkai guys actually. Which reminds me, I've got to go check for the release date for Takumi-kun 4 Pure. I think it's coming up in the spring. Really can't wait for that one. I just hope I'm not going to want to kick BaRyoma where it hurts the most. (in the knee)


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Feb. 18th, 2011 06:43 am (UTC)
DL1 is so cute. :) Tuti and Nagayan, Tuti and Nagayan.<3 Kimeru is better as Fuji than as Ryoma. I love him as Fuji. :)

*snickers* Kubota. He's good. But my favourite Atobe is still Kazuki, he's awesome. But Kubota is definitely in second. Maa-kun as Atobe was just.... weird. He's an awesome actor, but... it's weird to have him as Atobe. It was only for one of the versions of Imperial Precence, but... still...
*giggles and whispers* Peanuts~ and coconuts~ Even though Masa is definitely my favourite Nious... Wada-kun, Oh so cute. That's why Masa is the sexy Niou, and Wada is the cute one.
Feb. 18th, 2011 07:29 am (UTC)
I forgot to put it in my post, but I want to know what *that time* was with Oishi and Eiji. The looks on their faces was screaming slash and I think that's what all the fan girls were thinking. I didn't dare ask Ro what she was thinking about for that one because she hits.
Which ones is Kazuki in? I don't know if I've seen him or not. I will soon because we're working through the myus now.
Just seeing the word peanut is enough to start me giggling. I love jokes like that. ;) They are all just so cute, except all generations of the ichinen trio. They just annoy me. *snickers*
Feb. 18th, 2011 09:52 am (UTC)
I loved that. *snickers* But it's true that I only like GP in the myus. :) What could Ro have been thinking at "There was a little Eiji in the aquarium." "Oh, that explains the face at the next picture." *kissy face!* XD
He's the very first Atobe, and he's in Tokyo version of Imperial Precence. Seen Dream Live 3rd? He and Shirotan were close, but not close enough!
Me too. But I read wrong on "Kenya" and read it like his name insted of the country, think of TeniPuri when I come across so many things. Like purple makes me think of Higa, Atobe and Mizuki.
Feb. 19th, 2011 07:26 am (UTC)
I broke down and asked her what she was thinking about during that scene. Then I had to actually remind her what part I was talking about. *sighs* Short attention spans. She said she was just trying to ignore it. After watching those two I could really believe in GP in the myus. *snickers* I won't believe it for every set of actors though. Third gen, however, yes, them too.
Not yet. I have seen Dream 4th though. We'll get to them in the next few weeks. We're on More than Limit.
I do that too. Or a scene from one of the myus will flash through my mind and I'll start giggling for no reason. I'm usually alone for those though. Ro managed to totally confuse everyone but me a couple of days ago. She was in the casino with the rest of our shift and randomly said, "Fuuma no Reira desu." It didn't clear things up when I translated it.
Feb. 18th, 2011 01:34 pm (UTC)
KUBOTA! For the absolute win. He's one of those guys that, before I actually watched Imperial Presence, I called him the fail!Atobe(I do that with a lot of actors actually). Now, after watching that and the rest of them, I have completely fallen in love with him. You will feel the love when I get my Hanasakeru caps done *smirks* (granted it is nowhere near the love for Nakamura Ryusuke but its still A LOT of love :D)

*isashamed* I realize now that I'm probably really mean about other actors in parts that I loved the orginal. I have called pretty much all of them the fail!_____(insert any character name) because I just loved the original. Wada included. Now, after actually watching some of the support footage, he's not bad. He's not as kickass as Masa but he's not bad.
Feb. 19th, 2011 07:31 am (UTC)
I love it. Just the discussion about the various actors. This is what's missing from my life away from the computer. *wants local PoT friends too* I'm looking forward to seeing the caps. I have another fifteen minutes or so of the first backstage on Tumbling and then I'll start Masa in Hawaii. Those are going to be fun. But tonight is going to be spent on my wall. And maybe some writing.

I think we all do that and it's just human nature. I wasn't fond of the baby!rikkai guys until I watched supporters 15 and got a chance to actually listen to them. I still prefer the first gen Rikkai - except for Ouji as Yukimura. I actually prefer Massu. And, like I said, peanut! I about died when Wada pointed the racket at Fuji and said peanut! on stage and Fuji just fell over. That was so cute.
Feb. 19th, 2011 01:17 pm (UTC)
I need local PoT friends as well. The only people that I have to share my love for it is on here(well mostly you actually)...

I totally agree about Yukimura. I like Ren, I really do. But there is just something about Massu that's just a gigantic ball of win as Yukimura. I was actually thinking that in my wall of pictures, I have almost all of the pictures of Massu as Yukimura from the photosets from Final Match 1 and 2 and DL7 and several of Oki and at least one of Mio but I don't think I even want pics of Kento, Ren, or Kiriyama(is that bad?)
Feb. 20th, 2011 06:51 am (UTC)
That's why I love the internet. I swear, I come home from work, get my soy milk and cat, go to my room and get on the computer. I don't even want to think about what this does to my eyes. *grins*

Ro and I had a rather heated, for us, argument about that actually. She loves Ouji (mainly from Tokyo Ghost Trip, always calls him Sowa) and doesn't want to have anyone else as a favorite for one of his characters. I agree with you, Massu rules as Yuki.

Nope, you gotta have your faves on your wall. *grins*
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