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Masa and life and fan fic

Slowly working my way through the second DVD. The rain got here today which means I'm doing better, but still kinda down so I'm heading to bed. I will say that the history involved is amazing. Makes me want to go and learn the lore in Hawaii. I was sad when one of the sensei's they worked with said that they were having to work extra hard to teach the native Hawaiian kids their own language because it was dying out. Shows what the white human (I would say man, but am trying to be modern) has done to the world, doesn't it? *sighs*

And a pic for the day. I couldn't catch exactly what this instrument was called, and would probably butcher the spelling if I was able to. But it's beautiful when the sensei plays it. He's amazing.

Masa was just too cute not to grab there. I haven't ripped these yet, but will as soon as I can and cap them too. :) This is when they both managed to get a sound from the instrument. It's a pipe or flute of some sort, at least based off the sound. Anyone know what it is??
Actually, let me try something.......
Found it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nose_flute

I tried to write a cute fluff piece at the U-17 camp today, Yuki/Niou pairing, and it went angsty on me. So I'll keep it, but want to try the fluff piece again. Hate it when that happens. And in the one I did today you can tell how pissed I am at Yagyuu still.
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