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Titanic novella sequel

Saaaa, I started writing the sequel to the novella today while I was at work. Jeffrey and Sammy were messing with my dreams again - the create some of the freakiest yet coolest nightmares ever - and only stopped when I promised to work on this for a while. I guess patience is not a virtue a devil has. The worst part is that I never can recall what the dreams/nightmares are about so I can't use them as story ideas. Hell, I've had Rikkai show up in some of them. Just warped.
I was going to share the first three paragraphs to the sequel to get an opinion on what you think, but realized that it would more or less spoil the entire first book. Rather a moot point, when I thought about it, because what the sequel takes for granted, the reader doesn't learn until the last chapter and a half of the novella. So, killed that idea. *snorts* Shows how tired I am. It's remarkable how sitting in a desk chair for nine hours will wipe you out. For those that are curious, remind me after I publish the first book, and I'll post the paragraphs. If this publisher doesn't want the story I'm going to self publish with Amazon and see what happens there. As this piece isn't involved with fan fiction at all, there's no copyright issues, so I'm not worried about it.
My novel on the other hand does have dragons in it kinda like TDC, but at the same time, the history is totally different as are the characters and ideas. I don't know how that one will pan out. Meh.

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