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PoT, work, writing update

I showed Ro PairPuri 8 tonight. She actually jumped when Yagyuu and Sanada went bursting into the bathroom. Her reactions were priceless, but she didn't like Akaya's dress much. *snickers* I told her the theory that they set it up for Sanada and Ryoma and she either pretended not to know what I was talking about, or just ignored me. But that was so totally a set up. Yukimura is a manipulator.
Then we watched Day of the Survival Mountain and the four OVAs that she had downloaded. My favorite, of course, was the Rikkai one. I don't know why Sanada couldn't keep his hair styled like that for ninth grade. He's sooo cute. The matches with Shitenhoji were interesting. Ro finds the team (except Shiraishi) annoying *coughKoharuYuukuncough* but they just make me laugh at this point. Their way of going into the school was priceless. I could have done without Higa though. Can't stand that school.
We're getting closer to the musicals. *does happy dance* I can't wait for her to see them. She won't read the mangas - mainly because she only has the downloads and I won't loan her my copies - but the musicals are so much closer to the manga than the anime is. She's still asking me what's under Shiraishi's bandage and doesn't believe me that it's poison. So she's a little pissy about that one, but I keep telling her if she reads the main manga I'll give her a link to the new ones and she can find out more about his arm. Until then, it's poison. Besides, it's cute.

Starting Sunday I no longer have to work night shifts. I'm so excited about that one. I'll actually have a semi-normal schedule. Ed and James aren't too happy, but I explained it was because of my health and, face it, I am the supervisor. I try not to pull that role too often, but hey, it's true. I've paid my dues at that place and am the one that makes the schedule. I bend over backwards to let them have whenever they want off and keep the place running while they're gone. I don't think this is too much. But we'll have to see how it goes. I know Ed doesn't want to work nights with his classes, but I was careful and he doesn't have to get up early to get to class the days he works nights, so I'm not being heartless. And he has weekends off. Totally.

My arm is about 85%. I'm out of the brace for the most part and kinda able to type. Nothing hideously long, so I don't know when I'll get back to updating things, but I hope by the middle of February. I have so many story ideas running around my head that it doesn't work to hand write them because I need to be able to move fast, which is typing. So I promise to get back in as soon as I can. I see my PT tomorrow - thank heavens - and my doc on the first. I'll be curious to see what they say. Especially as my doc summoned me. I think I missed a bloodwork appointment.


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Jan. 21st, 2011 08:40 pm (UTC)
What a coincidence, I showed buchou that one, along with the Sengoku x Saeki one yesterday. :D Now she wants to have Yukimura as mafia boss and Shiraishi as the one creating poison while working for him. She screamed when she saw everyone. But oh, she loved it alright (and it's all because of Yukimura, ofc). Still wondering if there won't be more PairPuri. Since Yukimura, Shiraishi and Kite was on that poster... Can always hope. TeniPuri wa eien fumetsu desu~! *imitating Taka-san in DL1st*

That's good, you don't have to work night shift. Hope it won't be as stressful for you, then.

And good about your arm, hope your visits go well. :)
Jan. 21st, 2011 10:34 pm (UTC)
The Sengoku/Saeki one scared me with Koharu in the sand. *shudders* But Ro loves Sengoku (mmm, lucky is one of her favorite sayings now) so I have to show her it once I'm sure there's no spoilers for the New Prince of Tennis.
Yuki and Shiraishi in a garden scare me. Seriously. I don't want to think about what they could get up to. And it sounds like buchou is having a lot of fun with these. *Grins* I think there has to be.

Two more night shifts and I'm done. Sooooooo happy. Less stressful in some ways, but my boys aren't too happy with me about the schedule changes. meh. I'm more or less done being nice about so much stuff.

Thanks. :)
Jan. 22nd, 2011 08:56 pm (UTC)
Aw, Sengoku is awesome (and so slashable). I loved when Koharu went all "Oh no! Kura-rin is bad with the opposite gender!" And yeah, Shiraishi did seem a little scared, even going "Ah, I'm saved." *laughs* Kura-kun, are you scared of girls?
Their combo is so much fun~ The things they could do, with that knowledge! I totally want to write Snow White porn on that roof.
Jan. 23rd, 2011 01:45 am (UTC)
He's funny, but annoys me for some reason. Like Saeki actually. Huh, I wonder if there's a theme here. *Grins* Nah, I can take them or leave them.
There are days I feel sorry for Shiraishi. Not many, but sometimes. But he and Yuki are sooooo cute together.
Oooh, you should. :)
Jan. 23rd, 2011 12:31 pm (UTC)
I just find them amusing. :)
I guess I'll have to do that, then. :3
Jan. 24th, 2011 10:16 pm (UTC)
Jan. 21st, 2011 09:45 pm (UTC)
I know, Sanada's hair in 2nd grade is just.. he's so adorable. *huggles*
But Yuu-kun's cuuuute. He's my second fav at Shiten (with Zai-chan being my favorite) and sometimes Koharu treats him so bad, I feel sorry for him. *hugs him too* And I like Higa too. never mind that I like all of the schools

Have you seen Michiru's (Ginka's captains) ValeKiss-cover?
Jan. 21st, 2011 10:37 pm (UTC)
He is. Soooo cute. Although I like Yuki and Niou with the longer hair they have now. Ro was so funny trying to out-guess Niou and "puri" before he did - like I do with Shiraishi and ecstasy. But he got her with a "piyo."
It really scares me how much Shitenhoji has grown on me in the anime. I couldn't stand them in the manga. I've done the "shoo, shoo" bit to Ro a couple of times, what Koharu does with Yuu-kun at the end of their match.
Higa just strikes me as a group of idiots. But funny. I just got part of what they're saying in DL5 after Viking Horn and about fell out of my chair laughing.

I saw that it was posted at one of the comms, but haven't looked at it yet. I need to though.
Jan. 22nd, 2011 05:53 pm (UTC)
While Sanada should've kept his hair like that, yeah, I like Yuki's and Niou's (esp. Nious) as they have them now.
But it's fun spouting "ecstacy" and "piyo" and "puri" and "tarundoru". I shouted Tarundoru and tried to slap our little brother when he was annoying.
Why does is? Mah, I've loved them since they showed up XD I don't fancy Koharu that much, though..
But Higa is idiots! XD

do, it's friggin hilarous XD
Jan. 23rd, 2011 01:49 am (UTC)
Yeah, totally. :) The others didn't seem to change all that much, just Marui's a little longer and so is Akaya's. They are all so cute.
And peanut. *snickers* You should try and make him run laps too. It'd be good for him.
I guess because I really didn't like them in the manga and now I love them. Meh, probably just me being weird. I would love to go the Shitenhoji for a day and just hang out now. Then go to Rikkai.
Koharu is a little creepy at times. But he's so funny at others. I don't think I'd want to be around him much, but watching him makes me laugh.
Totally. Vikings do NOT equal pirates. And tennis is for fun. Someone needs to remind Yuki of that one and then run.
Is it the one where he has his head down on the desk and a black cloud over his head? That one was so cute.
Jan. 28th, 2011 12:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah, really^^
Not that he'd listen. Though I might do that some day XD
Shitenhouji's one of the frendliest schools, after all =D
Koharu is creepy, but his information on Kaidoh is awesome XD
That was Kite's idea, the others didn't get it. But they are all dorks in tenipuri, so I guess it's fine. I wonder who'd have the guts to. Fuji?
Yeah, it is XD It really is adorable, he don't even notice he's talking to himself XD
Jan. 28th, 2011 10:42 pm (UTC)
Younger siblings can be a pain a lot of the time, but fun too. I'm technically third, but also oldest because of second marriages for both parents. My kid brother is a blast most of the time, but there are days....
They really are. But there are times when they scare me too. It's like you just never know what they're going to be doing next and it really can be a shock when one of them pops up. Ro is pissed at me for showing her the cartoon where koharu's rear is painted like a watermelon.
I think Niou. He'd be running laps forever, but I think Yuki would at least think about what he said. Then kill him. ;)
I do that sometimes. Get the strangest looks too. *snickers*
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