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*screams like a fan girl* I just pre-ordered this...

Can you pick out Masa??? I can't wait to see this. It doesn't release until April though, so I have to wait. Probably impatiently, knowing me with movies.

We landed at 0130 this morning, roughly, and I'm still half asleep. I think I might go and nap here in a bit, I have to work tonight, but I wanted to put up a post about the trip with some pics of where I was staying. I don't think I've done that before. Maybe.

Remarkably enough I only got a really bad headache from this trip, rather than my full-blown sickness that usually descends on me when I travel. It was so weird being able to eat on the airplane. That more or less never happens. Let's see, I did absolutely nothing but read, write a little, and play my DS, oh yeah, and watch Tumbling and PoT on my iPod while I was gone. I'm not allowed to go to the beach for long periods of time and it was actually cold enough that I was only in shorts like twice and had my hoodie on a lot of the time as well. But it was just so nice to be able to get away for a week and not have the stress of work or anything else pressing on me. :) I did miss being able to get online to post/play on here and watch my movies, but it was bearable. ;)
So, pics. This is my room, the top suite because my folks can't handle the stairs anymore, so they took what had been my room for 19 years and put me in theirs.

This is the living room and kitchen, well, most of it. My folks were at the table and didn't want their pic taken. You can barely see the far bench/bed back my the window on the left. That's where I took up residence for the week. The cushions were not that soft, but it was in a good place to see outside.

Both the balconies, one with the private pool and hot tub. Yes, I did swim every day, even though the pool is only about 2 and a half to three feet deep. Hey, it's a pool without anyone else in it. What more can you ask??

Then I went down to the cove/beach/ocean and took a couple of pictures. I always think the hill looks like a dragon sleeping on the water. :) Me, obsessed, nah. ;) And the second picture shows the very tip of the Baja peninsula. Around that is the Pacific Ocean. This is the Sea of Cortez.

And finally our unit from the outside. That's the smaller of the two public pools in front of it. I won't swim in that one because they have a really realistic shark in tiles on the bottom and it freaks me out.

I have to write to the airline and the TSA because I'm not real thrilled with either of them. I bought a hand-carved dragon walking stick in Cabo and was using it to get home - my knee. The ticket agent told me that I had to check it because it wouldn't be allowed on the plane. I just looked at him and said that I needed it to walk. He said he'd get me a wheelchair, but the cane had to be checked. I told him a flat no and he didn't look happy, but let it go. Yeah, no problems with security, the flight attendants, TSA or other passengers. So I'm going to point out to Alaska that it's against the law to try and separate someone from a medical walking aid. Just because I know the rules doesn't mean others will and they might believe him. So not letting that happen.
Then, in Seattle, my Mum found a bag just stuck back by the trash with no one around. She had me come look at it because she knows about my training with the TSA and I said that yes, it needed to be reported. So she told the cleaning lady, who more or less ignored her. I told mum to go to the TSA and, when she did, they said it wasn't their responsibility and to tell the venders. She did and the venders said that they couldn't leave their stands. I'm just glad there wasn't a bomb in the damn thing. We would have all been in pieces before someone actually listened to her. When they got back, it was gone, so we don't know what was going on, but it really freaked me out.
When we get home, we find that our poor cats had been abandoned by the girl Mum asked to come check on them, so none of them had water and their sand boxes hadn't been cleaned since I left. We are not happy about that one, but they're all fine if a little freaked out because they were alone for a week with no humans around. My poor kitties.

PoT. I got my PairPuir 8 disc and watched the cartoon drama. I about died when Sanada tried to kiss Ryoma. And Yuki is soooooo sadistic. But the best part, Jackal as the horse. I feel so bad for him. I'm ripping everything right now and will have it up soon for download. :)
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