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never gets old

You know things are getting strange when there is a guy bowling in a bathrobe.
Okay, pick your jaws up off the floor. He had on jeans and a t-shirt too, but he seriously was in a maroon bathrobe that he had tied just like he'd gotten out of the shower. I guess because my kid brother wore his bathrobe like a jacket all through high school - and even had bathrobe day his senior year - I took it a little more calmly than my co-workers did. *snickers*

Snow. It's more or less sleet, actually. I hate the snow and I hate the cold. Unfortunately we have both over the next few days. *sighs* Just what I needed.

I didn't feel like being creative today - although I stole a prompt from one of my friends - and started re-writing a Harry Potter piece. I'll just add it to the to-be-typed stack when I have it done. I'm also planning to redo a Sherlock Holmes piece until I get a good night's sleep and don't feel so icky. I suspect it's the pain killers I've been taking for my wrist.



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Jan. 1st, 2011 06:31 am (UTC)
I love your Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter stories. Someday I hope you'll finish the CSI:M/CSI:NY Holmes story. :) You left it hanging.

It's tough when the painkillers make you feel icky. I have that problem with one I take which always make me nauseous, even if I take it with food.
Jan. 2nd, 2011 01:55 am (UTC)
Thanks. I've got everything on a to-be-finished list because I'm falling more and more into a new fandom, but don't want to leave stories hanging. Onme Ignotum is on there and I've been thinking about it. The pieces I'm working on revising are my HP movie-based fic that I'll take through all the movies now that they're out (well, save 7 part 2) and the piece where Watson rejects Holmes' affections and Holmes tries to kill himself. That one was never really finished and I'm hoping to be able to bring it to a conclusion.

It really is. And it's just Advil, more or less. I think it's because I've been taking it for over a month - doctor's orders - for my wrist and knee. I'm trying not to take it now unless I absolutely have to because my poor tummy is so upset. I don't dare take it on an empty stomach now because it does make me so sick. It would be nice to have meds that helped and didn't hurt, wouldn't it?
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