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family together/tree

My kid brother is home and we actually have a tree this year. (I also have a new brace for my wrist that is letting me type a little more normally, so we'll see how it goes)
Nina decided to help us set up the tree.

That's in the old dining room/piano room. I found my hat that I have to wear every year whilst handing out presents. I don't know how I got the job, but it looks better with my hair black than light brown.

Piano in front of me and the tree and window screen in the background. :) We sorted through the boxes of ornaments and only put up the ones that had meaning for us, or my brother and I had made. We had fun working out who had made what in a couple of cases because our names weren't on them. The gum chain was a present from our grandma who loves yard sales.

And Nina had to make sure that everything was right with the presents. Hers isn't under there yet. :)

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