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The Anniversary Dinner

I thought it would be fun to tell everyone exactly what the guys ordered for their dinner but didn't want to bore everyone with the listed details. I did go to the Forge's homepage and the food choices are directly from their menu. It sounds like a wonderful place to eat but it would probably kill me with my food allergies. And you'll notice I stayed away from anything with red meat. I don't eat it and just thinking about it usually makes me sick. *grin* So, of course, my best friend loves almost raw steak. We usually put a menu between us when we eat out.

Okay, so Mac ordered the soft shell crabbs with fried green tomatoes, tomato-basil goat cheese fondue. The simple salad (which they are splitting) is baby arugula, spinach, micro greens, shaved hearts of palm, edible orchids - haricots vert, crispy fried grapes, asparagus, citrus lemon-lime dressing. His entree is Chilean seabass seared and braised with lobster stock, applewood smokes Nueske pancetta, fresh oregano, basil, roasted garlic, vintage sherry, crabe torte, braised baby fennel.

Horatio's appetizer is California artichoke, steamed chili peppers, aromatic vegetables, lemon chardonnay parsley mint broth. He's going to split the salad with Mac. His entree is Mahogany chicken - oak grilled slicked breast and leg stuffed with cornbread and Foie gras, parsley sage, rosemary, thyme sauce, lingonberry sauce, and Israeli couscous.

The wine is a white from Napa Valley. I don't drink (as I've said before) so I checked with my dad and he said that a red wine would go better with red meat and white is usually served with chicken and fish. I chose the Napa Valley wine because of where I live. *grin*

Now I'll admit the desert menu had me drooling but this just sounded so good (and deadly to me) that I had to let them enjoy it because I couldn't. But trust me, this would be an absolutely delicious way to die. The Forge Blacksmith Pie. Rising from a chocolate-chocolate chip crust, thick layers of swiss dark chocolate ganache, fresh vanilla custard, homemade whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

That's why I'm writing this story with a chocolate bar sitting next to me.
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